Masr Ta3mal powers your employee search

Masr Ta3mal pursues the aim to connect successful companies hiring new staff with talented and ambitious young people.

If you are currently hiring, on Masr Ta3mal you can post your job openings online and search professional profiles and CVs of young graduates and headhunt people with profiles matching your needs.


Sign up procedure

Create your account in two easy steps:

  1. Create an employer account at Masr Ta3mal. Be sure to provide the most complete and precise information about your company as you can share in order to increase the likelihood to be contacted by suitable applicants.
  2. Upon the approval of your account by Masr Ta3mal you can immediately use Masr Ta3mal's services for employers:
  • Post job openings at your company for job seekers to apply.
  • Search job seeker profiles and CVs collated according to their field of expertise, work experience, qualification and many more filters you can apply for your search.
  • Communicate conveniently with large amounts of job candidates by using and creating message templates and questionnaires.


Post Job Openings

When posting job openings the Masr Ta3mal provides you an interface in which you can easily enter all required information in a complete and precise way to be found by the right job seeking users. After finalizing the form, you can review you job post and then activate it. It needs to be activated to be seen by job seekers and once activated your post will go live within minutes.

Search Professional Profiles

Under the search CV function you have as many as 4 categories and 17 filters comprising working experience, target jobs, personal details, the recentness of the CV upload and other relevant aspects, to make it easy for you to easily find and connect with potential candidates.

Communication and Application Procedures

The option to use message templates and questionnaires allows you to levy data and communicate with hundreds of candidates in a few mouse clicks.

Do you have any questions about signing up at Masr Ta3mal's Job Portal please feel encouraged to contact the administrators of Masr Ta3mal​ with your query.

Masr Ta3mal has more than 10000 CVs on stock and this number grows daily. Masr Ta3mal aims to become the biggest Job Matching Portal in Egypt.

Masr Ta3mal is a Microsoft YouthSpark initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.