5 Common Questions Employers Ask at Interview (and how your Tamheed Report can help)

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5 of the most asked questions interviews ask, and how you can tackle each of them.


1.      Tell me about yourself                                                                     

Only brief information is needed here, you can keep more significant details for later. Tell them a little bit about yourself (education to date, previous job) and where you are aiming to be (e.g. gain experience in this role and become a specialist, gain experience and become a manager). Keep it positive!

2.      What do you consider to be your strengths?          

Make sure you discuss your strengths in terms of the job you are applying for. Use your Tamheed Personality report to help you recognise your strengths i.e communication skills, organisational skills, directing others, working in a team, creative thinker. It is important you can identify and understand your own strengths and how these will help you in the proposed job role.

3.      What do you consider to be your weaknesses?                          

Be careful when answering this question. Try and show that your weakness is also a strength or that you have implemented ways in overcoming your weaknesses. Use your Tamheed report to help you in this. Example answers could be; I like to make sure my work is accurate and so have to double check everything, but least I am positive it is accurate, I use to have problems with being organised, however I realised the impact this had on my work (at school or previous role) and so now I schedule and prioritise everything I do.

4.      What have been your biggest accomplishments?

Have a think about your greatest achievement. Try and relate this to the requirements of the role if possible. For example, completing a project and taking the lead when no one else would. Explain why this is your biggest achievement and what you did to achieve it.

5.      Do you have you any questions?                                                                  

Try to ask your potential employer a question at the end of the interview. It looks good to show that you are interested and want to learn more. If you have any queries about the job role, for example regarding responsibilities, training, or about the potential for promotion ASK! Or, if the questions you have prepared have already been covered during the interview, state this to the employer, "I wanted to find out more about the potential for promotion however you have described this during the interview". However, do not ask too many questions, there may be other interviews scheduled.


Arlene McGurk

Occupational Psychologist, Mindmill





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