8 Difficult Interview Questions (and How to Ace Them)

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Here’s a list of 8 difficult questions and how you can answer them.


1. What can you tell me about yourself? 

Practice an answer that fits the following formula:

  • My name is
  • I worked for X years as a (job title)
  • Currently, I am a (job title) at (company).
  • Before that, I was (job title) at (company).
  •  I love the challenge of my work, especially the major strengths I offer, including (A, B, and C) 

2. Why do you want to leave your current job? 

Be positive:

“ I am eager to take on more challenges, and I believe I will find them in……..

  • Never talk badly about your old boss or company
  • Use CLAMPS formula:  Challenge, location, advancement, money, pride, security 

3. What do you know about us? 

  • Learn as much as you can about the company before going to the interview and make sure you do your pre-interview research.

4. How much experience do you have? 

  • Change experience to accomplishments
  • Focus on what is most relevant to the job you are applying to 

5. What do you most like or dislike about your current job? 

  • Don’t emphasize the negative.
  • Address the needs of your employers not your own.
  • Focus on the set of skills and accomplishments you have gained from your current/last job.
  • Emphasize that you are looking for new set of challenges and greater achievements. 

6. How many hours a week do you need to get your job done? 

  • Don’t reply with specific hours. The suggested reply is:
    • “I try to plan my time efficiently.  Usually this works well.   However, as you know this business has crunch periods and when this happen I put in as many hours as necessary to get the job done.” 

7. What are you looking for in this job? 

  • Interviewer wants to hear how hiring you would benefit them not you.
  • Use words such as contribute, enhance and improve.
  • Highlight your accomplishments in your old job and how you plan to leverage it to benefit the job you are applying to. 

8. How much are you making now and how much do you want? 

  • Don’t let your current salary define or limit a salary offer. A good response is:
    • “I am earning…. But I am not certain that that helps you evaluate my worth, since the two jobs differ significantly in their responsibility.” 
  • Be very honest in naming a figure but include all the benefits not just the salary.
    • Do everything you can to avoid setting a specific figure for the new job
    • Instead reply by itemizing the skills, talents, abilities and responsibilities the target position entails
    • Possible Response:  “I expect a salary appropriate to my qualifications and demonstrated abilities.  What figure do you have in mind?” 



By Jack Griffin



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