Remember to say "Thank You"! 9 Tips to writing a thank you note

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After your interview, be sure to write a thank-you note to the employer or interviewer. This is very important because it reminds the employer about you and shows that you are courteous and interested. 

Arrange a follow-up phone call to the interviewer on the 5th day after the interview. Let them know of your continued interest in the job and ask if there is any further information they need from you. 

Tips for Thank-You Notes: 

  1. Type out a well-formatted email
  2. Address the email to the employer or the lead interviewer
  3. Keep it short. (No longer than one page)
  4. First paragraph: Thank the employer for the interview and mention that your interest in the position
  5. Second paragraph: Briefly state a few of your skills without repeating the information on your CV word for word. Include any important information not mentioned at the interview
  6. Third paragraph: Provide your contact information and telephone number with area code
  7. Sign the email with your first and last name
  8. Proofread to check for spelling or grammar errors. Ask another person to proofread, too
  9. Send the email within two to three days after your interview 


By Jack Griffin



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