Public Relations planning

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Public relations as any other functional area in a company needs a strategic planning. Every step needs to be connected with the main strategy of the company in order to support the fulfillment of the organizational objectives. read more

Online PR for startups

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Public relations (abbreviated “PR”) changed in the same time with technology. PR will never be the same as it was. Internet has already changed public relations completely. read more

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly hearing about the importance of having a mentor. It is all true, a mentor can really shape your business and help you grow. A mentorship is a relationship you foster, and like any other relationship, if you ... read more

Being a start-up mentor is a very rewarding experience; you get the chance to transfer your knowledge and see a start-up grow. You develop relationships and get exposed to a new realm of information. However, managing this relationship at the ... read more

An entrepreneur is a person with a strong vision, and a person who has the talent to see a business’ 360 degrees. Entrepreneurs have a big age range from 18-64. With this age range, entrepreneurs can be in any career level, from a fresh graduate to ... read more

This is a Cheat Sheet Produced by MC Egypt and Dr. Laura Bradford from the American University in Cairo. The Cheat Sheet helps explain basic information on pre- investment issues as well as term sheet expressions. This sheet is general and aims to ... read more

Masr Ta3mal offers entrepreneurs a special track to form their skills of a successful business owner. The main challenges of young entrepreneurs are the need for technical and soft skills in leading a business. On the technical side it is important ... read more