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An entrepreneur is a person with a strong vision, and a person who has the talent to see a business’ 360 degrees. Entrepreneurs have a big age range from 18-64. With this age range, entrepreneurs can be in any career level, from a fresh graduate to ... read more

This is a Cheat Sheet Produced by MC Egypt and Dr. Laura Bradford from the American University in Cairo. The Cheat Sheet helps explain basic information on pre- investment issues as well as term sheet expressions. This sheet is general and aims to ... read more

Masr Ta3mal offers entrepreneurs a special track to form their skills of a successful business owner. The main challenges of young entrepreneurs are the need for technical and soft skills in leading a business. On the technical side it is important ... read more

Join Microsoft Association program today in Alexandria, Fayoum, Monofiya, Port Said, or Zagazig University to become a certified Microsoft trainer and deliver your own entrepreneurship classes to help empower youth, encourage business creation, and ... read more

The ComSpark program is built on a civic partnership between the government and CARE international in Egypt with the partnership of Microsoft and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. In the frame of youth spark program that was launched by Microsoft in ... read more