Introduction to Corporate IT Strategy and Business Frameworks

 26 / 11 / 2014  302  0 Business Management Skills
Information Technology (IT) has become one of the key elements in the design of business frameworks and it is also a key influence in determining corporate strategy. The modern manager must have a thorough knowledge of both the structure of the organization and the capabilities of modern technology, and this knowledge is especially important when designing business frameworks and determining corporate strategy. In this free online course the learner is introduced to the importance of IT in the design of business frameworks and the different elements that influence framework design. The course also outlines the basics of information systems, the different types of information systems and the characteristics of each one. The course explains the importance of IT in creating a flexible, modern organization and discusses the benefits IT can bring when determining corporate strategy. This free course will be of great interest to management professionals who would like to learn more about the importance of IT in a business framework, and how to use IT in determining corporate strategy.
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