Creating Business Start-Ups The Kawasaki Way

 26 / 11 / 2014  676  0 Entrepreneurship
Guy Kawasaki is best known as “chief evangelist” of Apple. In this free online course he gives important lessons about entrepreneurship. He explains why he thinks that the most successful companies will be those that aim to create a positive change in society. He explains how to make meaning in your company so that you can make a difference. You will learn about mantras, getting going, defining a business model and creating a niche for your company. He also recommends that you hire “infected” people, people who love the product or service. You will also learn about lowering barriers to adoption, approaching sales and how to become a “mensch”. He discusses how to find evangelists and soul mates and what is the career path to becoming an entrepreneur or venture capitalist. This course will be of great interest to all business professionals or budding entrepreneurs who are interested in starting up a business and would like to hear advice and guidance from someone who has already done it successfully but who has also been very close to extraordinary achievement in the area of the growth of high technology businesses.
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