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This module explains the Safety Management Pack for construction contractors with 20 or less employees (SMP 20). SMP20 will help you to plan your work in a safe way and protect your employees and the people around you. By following the simple steps ... read more

All modern economies need industries that are innovative in product design and efficient in manufacturing. In turn, these industries need people who are knowledgeable about the process. ALISON's free online manufacturing course will give you a ... read more

Manufacturing industries are a vital component of all modern economies and all of them require employees who are skilled - in and knowledgeable about - manufacturing processes. This Introduction to Manufacturing Processes will give you a ... read more

Creating a Need for Your Product

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AgraQuest is a company which developed a groundbreaking bio-pesticide that changed the way food is cultivated using pesticides and was a revolution in growing safer food for consumers. In this free online course Pam Marrone, founder of AgraQuest, ... read more

An employer becomes aware of possible illegal or inappropriate conduct by a member of staff. The employer now has to consider what action they will take to establish the facts and, if appropriate, take disciplinary action or contact the police. ... read more

Basics of Electrical Technology

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The power of electrical energy has been harnessed by engineers over the past century to transform society and how we live our lives. The phenomenon of electrical energy has been known since the 16th century, but it was only in the 19th century that ... read more