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Basic Study Skills

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Use this free online study skills class to identify your personal learning style and learn about key study skills such as: mind mapping, time management, keeping a study diary, reading and writing techniques, as well as listening, speaking and ... read more

Drug-Free Workplace

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The free online course Drug-free Workplace training provides the learner with useful information on how to recognize the signs of drug misuse at their place of work and how to takes steps to prevent its increase. This programme allows the learner ... read more

Behaviour-Based Safety

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This free online course provides an introduction to behaviour-based safety. It is designed primarily for supervisors and team leaders, but may be useful to anyone requiring an overview of the concepts involved. It may be of particular use to ... read more

Back Safety

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This free online course Back Safety training provides learners with useful information on how to take the relevant precautions against back injury at their place of work. This programme combines exercises within each module with a quiz at the end ... read more

Country Forums for Volunteers

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Welcome to the Country Marketing Team Forums. These forums are reserved for registered members of ALISON who have volunteered to promote ALISON in their local or native countries, cities or regions. If you are interested to join a forum local to ... read more

Diploma in Legal Studies

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This free online Diploma in Legal Studies course from gives you the opportunity to study key subjects in legal studies, greatly increasing your understanding and knowledge of legal systems and related procedures and practices. You will ... read more

This free course from ALISON is compiled from the Food Safety Knowledge Network's Basic Level Requirements for Food Manufacturers. Topics covered include hygiene, water quality, allergens, and pest control, as well as contamination, food hazards, ... read more

Introduction to Music Theory

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Music theory, one of our top online music classes, is the analysation of how music works - by studying the notation and language of music. Unlike other online music lessons, Introduction to Music Theory introduces the basic concepts and terms ... read more

This free online course was developed in response to the emerging importance of children and youth in international development policy. The course will give the learner a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of development from the early years ... read more

Diploma in Children's Studies

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Children from birth to the age of 18 are now considered academically to represent a distinct sociological and cultural class. This means that children are studied as complete individuals in their own right, separate and distinct from adults. ... read more

Diploma in EU Public Procurement

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Public procurement is a process that occurs when a government organization or a public authority purchases from external suppliers. Public authorities in Europe spend over €2000 billion a year purchasing goods and services, and this huge purchasing ... read more

Introduction to Valuation and Investing

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Many people would like to know how to go about valuing stocks and shares and investing in the stock market but the terminology and concepts can be confusing and intimidating. This free online course is an introduction to valuation and investing and ... read more

Buying a house is the largest financial investment decision most people will make in their lives, and can be a source of great stress and anxiety for buyers. Many people would benefit from the advice and guidance of financial experts when ... read more

Introduction to Copyright Law in America

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With the wide-spread use of the Internet copyright has become a very important issue for publishers of books, music, software, films, television programmes and many other industries. This free online course is an introduction to copyright law as ... read more

Introduction to Venture Capital

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Venture capital firms play an important role in the financial services industry, yet not much is known about them by the average lay person. The venture capital market is made up of private equity firms and venture capitalism is a means of ... read more

Introduction to Contracts in Law

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Contracts are agreements entered into by two parties with the intention of creating a legal obligation and contracts in law are very important and serious documents. Yet many individuals or business owners do not fully understand the implications ... read more

Introduction to the Cardiovascular System

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The human cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, blood vessels and blood supply. These act as one system to supply vital oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to tissues and remove carbon dioxide and metabolic waste products. This system also ... read more

Fundamentals of American Civics

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With each American Presidential election there is always great interest in both the U.S. and around the world in how the American political system actually nominates candidates who run for the positions of President and Vice President, and how a ... read more

Introduction to Carpentry

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Carpentry is an age-old trade yet today there is a still a high demand worldwide for skilled carpenters. Continuously evolving to incorporate newer and improved building materials and tools, the trade offers a carpenter many opportunities for ... read more

Diploma in Carpentry Studies

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An age-old and highly skilled trade, carpentry has evolved to incorporate improved building materials and construction methods. Modern-day carpenters find themselves working on a variety of projects that span both the residential and commercial ... read more

Carpentry is a highly skilled trade and the work carpenters carry out is essential during the construction phase of items as varied as residential and commercial buildings, ships, timber bridges, concrete formwork etc. The main work performed by a ... read more

There is a constant demand for carpenters in the construction trade. Today, expertise in working with various types of building materials is an indispensable requirement of a carpenter's job. Formwork and joinery are two such areas where skilled ... read more

Introduction to Plumbing

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Access to water supply and basic sanitation systems is an essential human need. In order for our society to function efficiently and in a safe environment, it is important that these basic needs are met. Plumbers and professionals working in the ... read more

The plumbing profession places both physical and intellectual demands on plumbers. While the physical aspects of the job such as using tools to install and maintain plumbing systems are clearly visible, the intellectual requirements of the trade ... read more