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The human body cannot generate energy itself and so must obtain it from external sources. Energy from the sun is captured by plants, which in turn are eaten by animals. We humans use these plants and animals as food sources but, in order to obtain ... read more

Introduction to Common Medical Conditions

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Advances in medicine are occurring all the time and medical and scientific research continues to reveal both how the human body functions normally and what happens during a diseased state. This free online medical course discusses some of the most ... read more

Introduction to the Human Skeletal System

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The human skeleton is an amazing and complex structure and is involved in vital functions such as supporting the bodily organs, providing points of attachment for the musculature system to allow movement, maintaining body shape, and protecting ... read more

Introduction to the Human Nervous System

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This free online anatomy course will be of great interest to healthcare professionals who would like to obtain a greater knowledge and understanding of the human nervous system, and to anyone who would like to know more about the structure and ... read more

Unlike most anatomical systems in the human body the reproductive systems in the male and female are completely different in structure and function but both work together to play a vital role in the production of an offspring. This free online ... read more

The respiratory system plays a vital role in the inhalation and exhalation of respiratory gases in the human body. It allows for the inhalation of gases such as oxygen in the air which can then be transported by the blood around the body to supply ... read more

Introduction to the Human Muscular System

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The human muscular system plays a vital role in maintaining posture and is essential for movement of the body. This free online course enables the learner to explore the structure and functions of the human muscular system. It outlines the ... read more

Introduction to the Human Sensory Organs

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Human sensory organs such as the eye, ear, nose and tongue are central in the processing of sensory information from all the stimuli that bombards the body continuously. Without sensory organs we would not be able to make sense of our environment ... read more

Introduction to Immunology

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Immunology is the study of the immune system. This free online course explains how the human immune system fights disease and infection. This course is taught through a series of narrated videos. These videos include illustrations to increase your ... read more

Introduction to Human Nutrition

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Introduction to Human Nutrition is a free online course providing a broad insight into the dynamic field of human nutrition. With the huge rise in diet related illnesses such as obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease, we face ... read more