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Masr Ta3mal pursues the aim to connect successful companies hiring new staff with talented and ambitious young people. If you are currently hiring, on Masr Ta3mal you can post your job openings online and search professional profiles and CVs of young graduates and headhunt people with profiles matching your needs.

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On behalf of Microsoft, UNDP, and Ministry of Youth, we would like to invite you to Microsoft Philanthropies Ta3mal Job Banks launch on September 26th, 2016.

Ta3mal Job Banks is a multi-organizational initiative for youth employment across 27 governorates in Egypt. Ta3mal Job Banks is a new opportunity for youth to gain relevant skills for the job market and provide Employers like you with a direct channel to youth talent. With over 120,000 candidates in our database we offer free comprehensive training and recruitment which include: open day recruitment, social media and website promotion, job description design, and trainings for newly hired employees.