Masr Ta3mal

Masr Ta3mal is an initiative, aims to institutionalize employability skills and services for the youth of Egypt, creating a full eco-system that can successfully tackle Egypt's unemployment challenges.  Masr Ta3mal initiative provides career guidance, skills assessments and hundreds of online courses to build the youth's capacity and match them with the available jobs.

Masr Ta3mal pursues the aim to connect successful companies hiring new staff with talented and ambitious young people. If you are currently hiring, on Masr Ta3mal you can post your job openings online and search professional profiles and CVs of young graduates and headhunt people with profiles matching your needs.

Masr Ta3mal offerings for Students, Job Seekers, Entrepreneurs and Employers

  • Career Development
    • Career Guiding
    • Skill Assessment
    • Career Planning Resources

  • Skill Building
    • Fundamental ICT, business & Soft skills integration into community Centers
    • Online advance courses & Diplomas

  • Job Placement
    • Job Scouting
    • Online Matching
    • Help in Hiring
    • Shortlisted CVs
    • Training for Employment

  • Work For Your Self
    • Skills &  resources
    • Entrepreneur opportunities' matching
    • Access to Finance

  • Community Engagement
    • Mentoring
    • Volunteering
    • Sharing of Best Practices
    • Peer to Peer Learning


Contact Details

General Inquires:

Job Seekers:


Mobile Number:   01091144020