​Office 365 for Students

21st Century Education aims to provide Skills, Value, Innovation and the Right choice. To strengthen the impact of ICT integration in Education and help in Education transformation, Microsoft is involved in a variety of programs that target a diversity of areas in the broad sector of Education and Technology to develop a long life Education and create a connected learning environment or so-called community of knowledge.


Office 365 for Education program provides strength and new production skills for educational institutions through Cloud Computing, which will save effort and cost, and will help students, teaching staff and educational institutions to communicate and interact together. This will create a new spirit of cooperation, communication and creativity in education, which is consistent with the twenty first century's skills and requirements, as well as the Ministry of Higher Education's vision to develop and improve the educational process.


21st Century Skills Assessment Work done by University of Melbourne, Cisco, Intel and Microsoft (2010)


This Power shift in the ways of teaching, learning and communication will force educational institutions and bodies to adopt and develop new policies and methods in order to create a network of flexible knowledge society where it shares values of knowledge and technology; or else it will find itself cut off from the networks that are sharing, adapting, and updating new education strategies according to the skills of the twenty first century.


Microsoft keeps pace with the development in the use of technology for educational purposes through developing programs and special products that suits all segments of the education system where all the educational institutions, starting from the stage of basic education until university, can take advantage of carefully studied programs in order to meet the diverse requirements of the partners in the educational process.

Services and components program Microsoft Office 365 for Education

Microsoft Office 365 for Education program includes familiar Microsoft Office products with its new version through the new generation of cloud computing and services, such as


• Enjoying working with the latest versions of Microsoft Office Web Apps
• Enjoying working with and experience Office Online
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft OneNote
Excel Survey


• Providing communication and cooperation between the teaching staff and students
• The ability to give virtual lectures and classrooms online
• Exchanging experiences through the possibility of recording lectures in form of videos and share it with the students
• The possibility of communicating between teaching staff within the country
• The possibility of holding meetings and trainings online
• Providing a wonderful alternative in consistency with the Egyptian case nowadays
• The ability to invite from 250 to 1,000 members to attend the meeting or training, regardless of the duration or the number of lectures


• The ability to create sites online up to 10,000 sites per domain
• A storage space for the institution up to 25 TB per domain
• Access to documents through an official site with the possibility of creating "my own websites" for individuals
• Managing and sharing documents securely with colleagues through secure sites inaccessible for non-teachers or students


• An e-mail with a capacity of 25 GB
• Paradoxical messages up to 25 GB
• The possibility of linking personal mail accounts with Office 3655 account
• Enjoying mailing services with international standards 


• Personal storage space of 25 GB
• The ability to create Office files through Office Web Apps
• The ability to share files with comrades and colleagues or keep it personally
• Validity to do projects and assignments and share it with the teaching staff

img7.png• Reliable free service with international standards 

• Ensure availability of 99.9% of great advantages and characteristics and free technical support. A program that provides privacy and protects the students and teaching staff from any inappropriate correspondence (Bad Words Filter) 

• The availability of templates and tools serving the education sector such as Class Sites - Study Groups, which will help increasing the network opportunities between the elements of the educational process

• Services provided through an official domain on behalf of the university, which helps connecting students and teaching staff officially and adopting the electronic communications as an alternative or an adjunct system to bulletins, periodicals and generalizations (the availability the possibility of contacting all teaching staff or students anytime

• Programs providing new and developed solutions for virtual classroom through Lync Online, and the possibility of holding trainings and meetings without leaving the educational institution and disable work

• The availability of recording virtual classrooms and lectures in form of videos and post it through SharePoint Sites which has a capacity storage up to 25 TB

• The possibility of creating sub sites up to 10,000 sites per domain