Zero Budget Typesetting

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Want to publish a book (or other publication) but don't really feel like spending hundreds of dollars on typesetting and design? Don't go away. It won't take long. Two hours. Tops. And NO software costs! Oh, there's nothing ... read more

Is your service business hemorrhaging profits because of poor service management? Did you know that 58 per cent of clients never return to a company that lets them down? Delivering consistently excellent service is a business imperative but few ... read more

Basic Study Skills

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Use this free online study skills class to identify your personal learning style and learn about key study skills such as: mind mapping, time management, keeping a study diary, reading and writing techniques, as well as listening, speaking and ... read more

HIV/AIDS - Awareness & Prevention

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This online course - Living with HIV and AIDs - uses a straightforward style to deliver a clear and effective basic AIDS Awareness education program. It covers basic information about HIV/AIDS, from having a HIV test to living with HIV and ... read more

Drug-Free Workplace

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The free online course Drug-free Workplace training provides the learner with useful information on how to recognize the signs of drug misuse at their place of work and how to takes steps to prevent its increase. This programme allows the learner ... read more

Behaviour-Based Safety

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This free online course provides an introduction to behaviour-based safety. It is designed primarily for supervisors and team leaders, but may be useful to anyone requiring an overview of the concepts involved. It may be of particular use to ... read more

Back Safety

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This free online course Back Safety training provides learners with useful information on how to take the relevant precautions against back injury at their place of work. This programme combines exercises within each module with a quiz at the end ... read more

ALISON ABC IT is a free online self-certifiable information technology (IT) course which comprehensively introduces you to IT literacy. ABC IT covers the basic concepts of computing and teaches how computing can be an everyday feature of life and ... read more

Diploma in Web Design

 2014  18360  12 Technical Development Powered by

ALISON’s free online Diploma in Web Design course is ideal if you’ve always wanted to create your own website but lacked the skills or knowledge to do so. Aimed at both the novice and intermediate web-designer, this comprehensive, easy-to-understand ... read more

Country Forums for Volunteers

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Welcome to the Country Marketing Team Forums. These forums are reserved for registered members of ALISON who have volunteered to promote ALISON in their local or native countries, cities or regions. If you are interested to join a forum local to ... read more

Fractions in Mathematics

 2014  4921  4 Mathematics Powered by

This beginners math course is an ideal introduction to fractions. The tutorial uses an interactive multimedia format and relevant examples to thoroughly examine the topic. It is ideal as a study aid or as a complement to face-to-face classes. read more

Algebra in Mathematics

 2014  3449  1 Mathematics Powered by

This free online course offers a comprehensive introduction to algebra and carefully explains the concepts of algebraic fractions. It guides you from basic operations, such as addition and subtraction, up to simplifying quadratic equations and ... read more

This free online course offers a comprehensive review of English grammar and is ideal for those already fluent in English who want to improve their writing skills, as well as their spoken English. It examines spelling, grammar and punctuation ... read more

Fundamentals of General Science

 2014  5519  1 Science Powered by

The 'Introduction to General Science' is a free interactive course that allows the learner to grapple with scientific knowledge in interesting, engaging and easy way. It educates the learner on how scientific experiments are set up and conducted, ... read more

Advanced Mathematics 1

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This free online training explores complex numbers and equations, polynomial equations, conics, advanced trigonometry, differentiation, antiderivatives, and vectors in 2- and 3-space. This course is both an ideal study-aid for students to improve ... read more

Fundamentals of Chemistry

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This free online course offers a simple introduction to basic chemistry and is ideal as a study aid for secondary school students or anyone interested in learning the basics of chemistry. Topics covered include the periodic table, atoms and ... read more

Geometry in Mathematics

 2014  2631  1 Mathematics Powered by

This free online Geometry course provides a comprehensive introduction to geometrical methods and techniques, covering angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, and more. It is ideal for complementing face-to-face classes, as a study guide, ... read more

English Writing Skills

 2014  5397  5 English Language skills Powered by

English Writing Skills is a free online language course which is designed for anyone wanting to improve their writing, or English students who wish to enhance their essay-writing abilities. Covering a number of different styles of writing, ... read more

Advanced Mathematics 2

 2014  1865  3 Mathematics Powered by

The Advanced Mathematics Upper-Secondary 2 course completes our suit of upper-secondary maths. This free online course covers differential equations, kinematics, vector calculus and dynamics. This course is suitable for maths students, and for ... read more